Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tongue and Groove wallpaper

A very very short one today, just to feature a new product that I am absolutely going to try the first chance I get.
We Brits call it tongue and groove, our cousins across the Atlantic call it beadboard or wainscotting, but whatever it was called it's always been solid... until now.
A blogging friend of mine..' hello Clara' did a post recently about what she was thinking of using on her bedroom walls and this new paper version of beadboard is one of her potential choices..
I knew I'd just seen it used in a magazine, and thought it was a blinding idea.. so I went to find it, and here it is..
Photograph courtesy of December's Style at Home magazine.
I have to say I love just about everything about this vignette, from the wallpaper above the dado and ALL the light fixtures, to the Barbra Barrie inspired washstand by Kohler.
But the fact that the tongue & groove below the dado rail was a wallpaper, just blew me away.

At the end of the day I'm guessing it's just a striped/grooved anaglypta, but it's just so convincing looking.

What's also great of course is that like any anaglypta it's actually designed to be painted, so there's really no disadvantage to using it in place of the wooden/MDF alternatives.

There are lots of different brands I'm sure.. but this one they used in Style at Home is about $30 [15 quid] a roll.. so it's not that expensive either.

Now I come to look online it seems this stuff is everywhere.

The real thing does still look great though.

So it seems I'm coming quite late to the party... with many bloggers it seems having caught on to this product already over the last couple of years.

In fact it's interesting that bloggers had caught onto it when the magazines evidently hadn't.

Which leads onto a topic I won't cover today, but that I have been thinking about more and more lately and will blog about soon.

Namely.. 'Are home decorating magazines now obsolete ? Discuss'.
I know what I think.. but more on that next time.
Jo xx


  1. Is that really wallpaper? Fooled me!

  2. Your husband is funny.
    Anaglypta,dado, wainscoting. I am having flashbacks to design school. All these words are pretty much unheard of in Germany.
    I haven't thought of Barbara Barry in ages. Loved the work she did for HBF. Takes me back to my working days.
    On your magazine question. I don't think that they are obsolete. As much as I love browsing the web for home decor images I am still a paper girl and love having something tangible to look at. This is a great post idea and something I need to think about a little more.

  3. Oh I adore a good decor magazine :0) All those ideas in one place....plenty to build off of!

  4. Ooh.. looks like I've stumbled on an interesting discussion topic. Wonderful. :o)

    Monica.. although the Germans don't know those terms.. you know what they are right ?
    BB is still very much in the design picture here in Canada, although I confess before I came here to live I'd never even heard of her.
    Oh and he's not as funny as he thinks he is. ;o)

    Michelle.. I'm in awe that with all you do you find the time to read anything.
    You guys both make good points though.. so I'm going to ruminate and write a full post on the subject.

  5. Ha ha Bill! Are you stressed out with all of Jo`s decorating plans/ideas and current projects?
    I would never have guessed that it was wallpaper Jo!! Not in a million years.
    And to your question; Are Decorating magazines obsolete? I really don`t know.. I think they struggle.. They used to compete with other magazines, and now they have the bloggers to compete with as well! There are so many decorating magazines, and with the possibility to go online and browsing for ideas for free - a lot of people choose the less expensive one.

  6. Oh don't encourage him.. he's hardly neglected!
    Thanks for the input, I'm absorbing all these points of view, and I'm thinking that a better question might be..
    'Are decorating magazines relevent anymore?'
    I'm still ruminating though.

  7. Siri - I'm never stressed out; I just park myself on my end of the sofa and watch Jo at work. :0)

  8. Sounds like my husband lol!

    Honestly, I must have missed out on this trend too, or it's not caught on over here yet, cos I haven't seen it. Great idea though.

  9. I've not seen this paper before. Yikes am I behind the times. Couldn't bear that.

    I have mixed feelings on the magazine front - as I am an addict. In reality I get more inspiration from blogs/flickr etc, but there is nothing like a home mag and a hot bath. I am not allowed to take my netbook in the bath - my other half shouts at me if I try!

  10. Well if you're behind the times Anna so am I and I flatly refuse to accept that.. ;o)
    I myself am a total magazine whore.. I still have copies of House Beautiful UK from the mid 1990's.. and I subscribe to the top 2 Canadian decor magazines. I'm just beginning to question whether looking at one more soulless kitchen with £20,000 worth of appliances is really enriching my design life. I'm still thinking though.
    Jo xx

  11. Thanks for the shoutout.

    Yes, IMO magazines are becoming increasingly irrelevant. I used to buy dozens of them, now I am just filled with a sense of meh! when I read most of them, they seem more and more disconnected from "real people".

  12. You are SO right Clara.. I was reading one only last night and as I'm reading my blood is literally boiling.
    I'll tell you all about it later this week.
    Jo xx

  13. Hi Jo.,

    Liz in Australia! Reading this has confirmed my belief that wall-panelling (AKA tongue and groove here), can be found in anaglypta! Yay! But!!! Are you at liberty to tell me the brand so I can try and track it down? That'd save me the task if having to remove skirting and architraves plus change my mind in a few years! Have googled ad infinitum with no success. Need an answer soon!! Please??? Thanks Jo!

  14. Hi Elizabeth.. sorry it's taken me so long to come back to you..
    It's by a company called Wall Doctor, and here in Canada it's sold at Canadian Tire.. yes I know they spell tyre wrong ;o)
    Don't know where you'd get it DownUnder but here's a link to the Canadian Tire site..
    Good Luck
    Jo xx


  15. Hi, Jo.
    Your house is lovely!
    You said that you would give me the name of the painter & also, could I have the name of the carpenter that did the shelving beside your french doors. That would be super!
    Thanks... Vicki

  16. Hi Vicki..
    I've sent you an e mail and I'll be in touch again with more info tomorrow.
    Jo xx

  17. Where can I buy this wallpaper that looks like tongue and groove? I have searched the internet, but so far I haven't been able to track it down. I live in the U.K.

  18. It's O.K. I just found some. Graham and Brown do a beadboard wallpaper for just £15-00 per roll. I've already ordered it. I hope it looks as good in my bedroom as it does in your pictures.
    Many thanks.

  19. http://www.inspiremyhome.co.uk/item/17114/wallpaper/graham-and-brown/wall-doctor/beadboard-17267/

    Half price!!!


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