Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's snowing...

Yes folks it's snowing here... We were expecting it but it's still more than we thought...

It's quite unusual to have snow in November here in the Comox Valley.
We had one big dump last November, but it was just one night.. and right at the very end..

This time it's been snowing on and off for days.. and bitterly cold, like we never never get here. Three nights this week it was -15* to -18*... and on Vancouver Island that's unheard of.
Normally you only know its winter in BC because the men wear waterproof jackets over their shorts.

Over a foot Jan 2007.

Of course we do get heavy snowfall once in a while...

This photo for example was taken in January of 2007.. when over a foot and a half fell in 24 hours.

What we don't normally get is the incredibly cold temperatures.

Apparently we have smashed our average snowfall record for November by miles already and there are still 6 days left.

The good old snow shovel will be getting plenty of use when the old man gets home.

That poor hanging plant was lush and green just 10 days ago. In fact the hanging strawberry plant that's behind me as I took this photo was still giving fruit just last week.

Now that I come to think of it I should probably have brought those green pots into the garage these very cold nights.
They were a real bargain from one of the stores I like Red Living bought last summer. As I recall all three cost less than $60 [about 30 quid].

Oh well they seem to have survived OK but I guess I won't really know til I try to move them. Fingers crossed.

My other hanging basket is still hanging on by its finger tips, and given the cold is doing incredibly well..

Still pretty.. poor thing :o)

The forecast says this will turn to rain tonight and that temps will rise about 10*.

Pity.. Hope we get some more for Christmas.

Jo xx


  1. We had snow again today in Anacortes. The story is that we will be having more of 2 yrs. ago but maybe worse...keep warm.

  2. So pretty! Don't envy the temperature though.

    Meanwhile we've had our first hot week of the season, getting up to 35C. It happened quite suddenly actually so it was a bit of a shock to the system.

  3. Unfortunately, by the weekend, it'll probably all be gone. Windy and very mild at the moment and it's melting pretty quickly. Very messy out there.

  4. I hope it doesn’t start to snow again over here... I was so glad when it all melted a month ago.. But it is very cold here, -10 degrees Celsius and windy. They say it will be colder next week, about -17... So now we have an electricity crisis over here... Thank god we have a fireplace in the apartment.

  5. Hello Jo! Vikki from Buoy Bird here; found you through a comment you left on Chez Larsson and I had to tell ya: LOVE YOUR BLOG :) I too am a Canadian Coastal Gal (east side), so I love seeing the reminders of being nearer to the sea (snow!!! none of that here in the Big Smoke yet :( I'm jealous!) So glad you've found a cozy home here in Canada with your main squeeze!

  6. Well ladies.. it's all gone. Started raining at teatime and the temperature rose 10*... so the snow is no more.
    Vikki.. Thank you and I hope you get snow.
    Siri.. I hope you stay warm.
    Sherri.. If our weather's warmed up maybe yours will too.
    Alicia.. Sun screen dear.. and lot's of it !!
    Bill.. Toscano's for tea sweetie ??
    Jo xx

  7. Jo - By now you've enjoyed your Fettuccini Alfreado, sweetie. :0) Well-deserved after your busy evening.

    Vikki - My brother lives down in Nova Scotia (Greenwood area) and we spent 7 years in Chatham NB, back in the mid 60's. How do you like TO? I went to university there 74 - 78. :0)

  8. Aw, thanks Jo! Saw my first flurries this morning; literally shreaked like a child :P

    Hi Bill! I'm from Sydney (Cape Breton), and although Toronto has its strong suits, I miss home dearly. My mate and I have great friends and great times in the big city though; we're talking about moving back to NS next year, and we will definitely miss this place once we move on. So much of who we are today was formed b/c of our decision to come hang out here for a little while :)

    What uni did you attend in TO? I went to St.FX in NS, but Jeff (my bf) took web design at Ryerson here.

    Aw, just checked out your blogger profile and your affection for Jo makes all the more sense now: you're the Canuck who brought her over the pond to us! Atta boy! Big love for your service in the military, and I personally love the spelling of your pup's name ;)

  9. Vikki - I went to University of Toronto and took mostly English, some Political Science. I agree with your sentiments about where you are affecting who you are. My move out here to Comox changed my life so much, especially the fact that it brought Jo to me. :0)

  10. Thanks Monica.. they were an absolute steal from a store in town. I had no idea what I was going to do with them I just knew they were too good a bargain to miss.


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