Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another favourite store.. DUDUZA.

Duduza is a relatively new Bed & Bath store in my closest shopping centre in Comox.
The main street of Comox frankly doesn't boast much in the way of shopping. There's been little or no restrictions on what can occupy a 'retail' space and sadly it means there's bugger all to look at. Unless of course you are interested in window shopping: banks, credit unions, investment brokers, Subway, chiropractors, the post office, insurance brokers, doctors offices and an optomertrist. Then this summer a very nice shoe shop closed.. only to be replaced by a day spa, who promptly white out all the windows. So there's another 'shop' gone.
There are a couple of bright spots though..
The Cottage Gardener.. a sort of shabby chic inspired decor and clothes store which has nothing whatever to do with gardens.
A very nice cookware shop called Otters.. and it's next door neighbour Duduza.

The owners are a mother and daughter team, Carol and Ali [Ali was born in Johannesburg, which is where the store name comes from.. Duduza is and African word meaning comfort].
They've been open for about 18 months and I've been a regular customer from the beginning.

I know for a fact that my husband is an even better customer because I've had a gift from here for every birthday, christmas, anniversary since they opened.
Of course they have a fabulous range of bedding and towels that goes without saying.

My favourites are the brands made entirely or partially from bamboo... which apart from being completely sustainable are incredibly soft.
They also wash well.

Everything in the store is presented so beautifully... I rarely fail to find something to take my fancy.

Some of my favourite bits and pieces at home came from Duduza.

When I did the before and after post on the downstairs loo I included a shot of this little shell handbag... which is one of theirs.
The other thing I like is that there are allsorts of products that you just don't get at the bigger chain stores in town.
They are fine in their way.. but there's nothing like stumbling across something and knowing that 2500 other people in town WON'T have it.

Coming from the UK that was always one of the problems with buying anything from, for example, M&S. Especially clothes.. since the chances were you would probably see someone in the pub wearing the exact same thing.

They have also introduced a nice range of genuine badger brush [don't worry it doesn't hurt the badgers :o) ] shaving kits from world famous English suppliers to the Queen.. 'Kent'.
Last year I had to use a supplier in Victoria so buy a replacement soap for my husband's 'Kent' shaving bowl. Won't have to do that anymore.

What's also nice is that they always have something new.. when I went in to take these photos I found a range of acessories from American designer Jonathan Adler which I'd never noticed before.. and a new range of eco friendly loofars and bath products too.                                           They also have pretty much the best range of shower curtains in town. Which considering I don't have a shower that needs a curtain shouldn't be of interest to me..
BUT I love to use shower curtains as fabric, or as curtains.. and I have bought several from Ali and Carol over the last couple of years, for exactly that.
They are often available in the most fantastic prints.. and yard for yard at MUCH less than a designer equivilent would cost from a fabric outlet, especially if you don't have access to a good one.. which I don't really. [Note to the Brits.. shower curtains here tend to be ordinary fabric, not the plastic ones we're used to. To stop them getting wet you buy a cheap plastic liner which hangs inside.]
Here are several that I could easily find a use for right now..

This linen one with the elephants on would                             Gorgeous colours in this one.
make a great cushion fabric.

I love the huge cabbage rose print.. above left. What a wonderful basis for a room scheme.  And the linen one on the right would be great for covering an upholstered chair seat, or making accent cushions.  

Great accessories too.

Fabulous range of gift tags and cards.

So there you go.. Duduza. Love it
Jo xx


  1. Fabric shower curtains sound so much classier than the plastic ones we have here and, as you say, in the UK. I pick the green floral one too!

    I agree about chain vs independent retailers. One thing I hate is walking into someone's house and it looks like they picked it all from Ikea in an afternoon.

  2. What a lovely store and how lucky that you have a store like this in your town. Always good to support the small and local. Anything comparable in my town closed many years ago. At least we have a nice little bookstore and a super small private department store.

  3. It is a nice store and such nice people working there. Great place to shop. It's definitely the nice corner of Comox Ave, even a used book store and cute little coffee shop beside...

  4. Oh, I envy you. I wish we had a store like that nearby.

  5. Alicia..
    I popped in to Duduza this afternoon and that cabbage rose shower curtain has sold since I posted about it. Which is a bit of a bummer because I had just had a thought of a use for it.

    Ooh Monica..
    A small dept store? lucky girl !
    We have to schelpp about 60 miles to Nanaimo for one of those.

    It is about the best spot in town, you're quite right..

    We are lucky really because it's a relatively small community [about 45,000 pop in the Valley] and this is just one of a number of lovely independant retailers.

    Ikea and Home Depot have their place.. but we do try to support small businesses whenever we can.

  6. Hi, I just found your blog on 3@12's blog roll and thought I'd say Hi! We have 2 houses and both are in Washington State USA. The one is close to Canada in Anacortes in the San Juan Is. location. I don't know where you are located but will look it up. I will sign up to follow you right now so I'll be back. Have a nice Sunday.

  7. Hi Sherri, thank you so much for stopping by.
    I live on Vancouver Island, and although I haven't ever been to Anacortes, I did work in Sidney for a while which is at the Canada end of the Anacortes ferry.
    Hope to see you again.
    Jo xx

  8. Jo - It is indeed a favourite shop of ours, but it ain't a book store. ;0)


Thanks for letting me know I'm not talking to myself..