Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday it seems is GREEN day.

Just some photographs of a few of my favourite bits and pieces from around the house today...

This gorgeous plate is by a local glass/pottery designer called Bill Boyd, who lives and works on Galiano Island in the Georgia Straits.. That's the strip of water that separates Vancouver Island from the mainland. He's actually Swedish, but ended up here on the West Coast as so many people do...
This photo does not do it justice, his work is amazing..
So go see his website.. .. you won't be sorry.

This is part of the new glass we've had put into our front door... I loved the arts and crafts feel of it, but I must credit the hedge outside for making it look green.

A piece of wrapping paper in an IKEA frame.. I must have created it 15 years ago.. it still looks great.

This gorgeous spray of paper flowers brings a real taste of spring to the living room all year round.
They came from an Island company called Indaba. They wholesale imports from China and the far east.. but twice a year they open up to the public and have a big clearance sale.. I do love a bargain. 

I collect coffee cans [demitasse coffee cups] but every now and then a tea cup and saucer calls to me.
This lovely 'English Chintz' cup came from a fabulous china and glassware shop in Guildford, England, about 16 years ago... cost a bomb as I recall.

This lovely complete set of childrens books is part history, part encyclopedia, part story book.
Written by Olive Beaupré Miller it has the most glorious full colour plates and illustrations throughout all 12 volumes. We found it in a mixed box we bought at a vintage book shop.. for $40. 

Lot's of green in the photo's today I notice.. just co-incidence I think.

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