Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bookcases.. another makeover story..

This is another piece that we picked up at the auction rooms, which got a make over.
Well actually its two pieces. The bottom did come from the auction and was one of those bog standard 1950's or 60's pieces with the glass sliding doors at the front.. which were long gone...
My parents had a similare one [with the glass intact] that sat in their hall in Goring for years. I wonder what happened to that..
Anyway.. this one was in fairly good nick apart from the absence of the glass, and Bill loves books so we had to have it. I think it was $30 [about15 quid] and originally I hoped to do something slightly different with the legs which are the one thing that give away its vintage. However Mid Century Modern is now very very trendy, over here at least, so in the end I left the legs as they were.

the deep bottom shelf makes a great place
to store magazines..

The top section.. which you'll see is slightly narrower, came in fact from one of the great consignment stores we used to have in town... a place called Second Wind, which sadly now has gone.
It was just two shelves with sides but no base piece which makes me think it was always meant to sit on another piece of furniture.. like the top half of a dresser...
It already had a not very sucessful coat of white paint on it, so I couldn't tell you what wood its made from.. but it had some age to it, so probably oak or cherry.
I gave it the same treatment as the 6 drawer chest from yesterday, in fact I think I did this piece first actually, to see what sort of coverage I would get from the paint.
Originally the plan was to attach a base and wall mount the piece and in fact we did indeed put a base on it, made from 1/2 inch Maple ply.. but it was too deep in the end to mount it where we had originally intended and once we decided to put the bookcase on the stairs, the topper was an obvious choice.
We have a very deep half landing, 4 stairs up, and directly opposite the front door.. so it creates an inviting site line. Plus its a great place to store some books and candles and just SOME of my magazine collection..

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