Monday, August 16, 2010

My first photo entry

The way we were... November 2003. 
So this is our house.. or rather this is our house BEFORE we had started to make changes to it. 
It's on a quiet cul-de-sac on just under a 1/4 acre of garden. We actually moved in summer of 2003 and in fact this photo was taken in the late autumn so we had already been in the house for about 4 months..
The potted conifers by the garage and either side of the front door were new..
To the right we already had a tree cut down.. you can see where we put a bird house on the stump.
On the left in the front garden there are 2 huge pine trees ['bout 80 ft probably] which you can't see in this photo.. 
They cast a black shadow over the whole living room side of the house, and a chunk of the back garden come to that which isn't visable here because I took this picture in the a.m. and the light is coming from the other side of the house... I might have an older photo somewhere that I can scan, which shows the trees
As well as the shadow the trees shed a lot of debris onto the roof, so we had to have them cut down too... but later on. Plus we had by this time already had a partial fence erected and you can see the gate to the right hand side with an arbour over it.. more on that later.
Anyway.. this is what started it all..
J xx

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