Monday, August 16, 2010

Hubby's watching football.. YAY !

So the old man's as happy as a pig in poo because the premier league football season has started in the UK. He's Canadian but he has become obsessed with 'The Beautiful Game' since I came here to live, and is now a total anorak. For you North Americans btw I of course mean what you guys call soccer.
Only don't go blaming me.... he developed this obsession all on his lonesome... I don't mind footie, but honestly I can take it or leave it.
Still... thanks to Setanta sports he occupied for large chunks of time, and that suits me just fine..

I thought since I'm on a roll with this whole blogging thing.. I'd introduce you all to our puppy Nikki. Well I say puppy but actually she's 15, although in some ways you'd never know it, and she has personality + + .
I often tell people that.. 'we don't have any pets.. but our dog has TWO !!'

Haven't you heard of the Hell's Schnauzers ??
Don't fret.. we don't normally have her decked out like this, but she'd just been to the cleaners and Bill casually mentioned to our groomer Lindy that we teased the dog that we'd give her a mowhawk if she wasn't good, and when we went back to get her this is what we found !! It was only pink vegetable dye.. although it lasted a good three weeks.

I'm ready for my close up Mr DeMille.. TART !

This is what she looks like normally, rather scruffy and much like a baby sheep.. and she's a complete tart. Loves the camera and can often be found posing to have her photo taken.. as you'll discover when you see some of the before and after photos of the house.. Nikki has managed to get into many of them.
J xx

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