Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a long story

This blog will EVENTUALLY be a complete record of all the changes my husband and I have made to our house... in an effort to make it THE perfect home for the 2 of us...
It will be quite personal I think, and along the way I'll pass on what I've learned and invite you to do the same.. 
I think I have some good suggestions to pass on... but I love to get ideas from others too.
This hasn't been a full blown renovation in the ripping out walls and building extentions sense.. but short of that we've changed just about every possible feature of the house from the ground up and the inside out.
We moved here to Comox on Vancouver Island in 2001. My husband from Ottawa and me from Brighton on the south coast of England.
We met appropriately enough on-line, and after a holiday and a summer long visit we married  the following year, and moved into our current home in 2003.
And that's when it all began...
I'm not going to witter on anymore for now.. this is just the start.. and I think I need to think about where I want to start. What sort of structure the blog will have.. etc. But just bear with me.. and even if nobody but me ever sees it.. at least I'll have something to keep for posterity.
J xx

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