Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Decoration Home Tour [ Halfway through ;o) ]

So It's now Saturday morning and I'm grabbing a quick 10 mins to do a blog post to let you all know how it's going.

I confess it was an enormous amount of work, and my friend Ali who owns Daduza, which you can read all about here who was going to help me some was rushed into hospital on Tuesday.
But she and the baby are fine !! so that's fantasic news, and her mum helped hugely by loaning me some lovely things from the store, which everybody loved.
I must say the shower curtain which I borrowed to warm up the downstairs loo looks so beautiful that I don't think it will be going back.

I thought when I was in the store that the colours would be good.. but they are perfect.. and everyone that's seen it has said..  'oh that HAS to stay'..
The towels she loaned me for the laundry look lovely too... and they're bamboo.. which is just sooooo soft and of course very enviromentally friendly..
Plus those soft greens and blues are absolutely my favourite colours at the moment.. so I might well be buying those too. ;o)

My wonderful husband even made cookies... which have gone down a bomb I must say..

Everyone yesterday was so nice.. and lots of them wanted info on aspects of our decor and the contractors we used..
So it sounds like there will be some nice feed back and maybe even some jobs for those guys too..

OK.. so I'm running out of time because the next tour starts in 10 mins, and it's throwing it down today so I'm going to run and get towels so people can wipe their feet..
I'll be taking more photo's of the other houses on the tour over the next couple of days so there's lots more to come.. plus of course I'll do a couple of posts on my house..

Have a great weekend all... more soon

Jo xx


  1. You did a great job and all in all it was lots of fun showing the house and chatting with so many nice people. :0)

  2. Excellent! So glad it's going well. What a good hubby you have to make cookies, and the shower curtain looks fab. Back later...

    (the photo of the star is gorgeous1)

  3. The shower curtain IS perfect isn't it Carin.. ?!
    That's staying for sure.. and there's a couple of other bits and pieces that I borrowed that will end up staying too I think. ;o)
    We think we had about 450 visitors in total over the two days.. so today is feet up day. ;o)

  4. Hi there Jo! I`m so happy to see that you`re blogging again! Your bathroom looks lovely! I LOVE the shower curtain! The cookies look yummy! Where did you get the glass star in the last photo? I wish I had a laundry room like that! I`m still struggling with carrying all of our laundry down to the laundry room that everyone in our apartment building have access to. xxx Siri

  5. Siri... hello hello :o)
    How lovely to see you here..
    How are you ??
    Are you still blogging at all.. Bill and I have been to look from time to time.. Ooh I see you are.. but only a little.
    I`ll come and have a proper chat later.
    Jo xx

  6. Oh and to answer your question.. The glass star with the wire is a christmas tree decoration.. it might look bigger than it really is in the photo... and I've got 4 of them.
    I'm pretty sure that it came from a store in Courtenay called F&D designs..
    I'd include the web address but they don't have a site ?!!?
    This year they had some hearts too with the wire wrapped round...and they do have some 'different' bits and pieces at this time of year which makes for a nice change.
    The best local store for Christmas stuff is called Home and Garden Gate. who do at least have a facebook page..

    In fact I think I'll do a post on them before the holidays if I can..
    Jo xx


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