Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Been away.. but back now.. so Happy 2012.

Ok.. so this time I actually have a really good excuse for not posting for a while.
Hubby and I have just got back from a month in the UK visiting friends and family for Christmas.

Sunrise over the Rockies
Had a really wonderful time seeing everyone.. I've never been hugged by so many people in such a short space of time.
We had what hubby and I will forever refer to as 'Our Vietnam' on the way over since the flight was utter purgatory. The seats were tiny [I had 18 inches of space for my SHOULDERS to fit into] so for 3 of the 9 hours of the flight I actually stood up, because it was more comfortable than trying to squeeze into them.
Plus the flight attendants and Canadian Affair staff in their various offices couldn't have cared less.

However.. it's a lesson learned and we'll never ever fly with them again.. so let's move on.

We did a lot of travelling around while we were there.. visiting friends and family all over the South East of England.

These two reprobates are my sisters dogs.. Bella and Duke . They might look like butter wouldn't melt in this photo but they are full on nutcases most of the time. Bella [the little one] reminded us a lot of our beloved Nikki... everything was on her terms.. but she was so adorable you couldn't say no. ;o)

We travelled about a lot while we were there, but one of our very favourite day trips was to the beautiful market town of Ely in Cambridgeshire. I say 'town' because it's really not very big but it's actually designated a 'city' because it has a Cathederal. That always used to be the criteria for cities in England. Nowadays I think they can be designated by royal decree, but that's got more to do with size and population.. so I like the old way better. It's so much more romantic.

The Cathederal in question is just the most glorious piece of architecture I think I've ever seen.

Ely Cathederal

It's right in the centre of the town and when you consider that the builders had no forklifts or cranes or any kind of machinery at all it just takes your breath away.

There's been a monestary on the site since 673AD but work on the building as it appears today began in the 11th century and was completed in 1109. 1109 !!! it just doesn't compute somehow does it ?

The sun was fairly low in the sky so I apologise if some of the photos are a bit dark... hopefully you can still get the idea.

It was £7 to get inside and have a look round, but they told us it costs £3000 a DAY to run the place.. so frankly that seems cheap to me.

All around the perimiter were other
medieval buildings some of which are now private homes.. what a gorgeous place to live.

This one had a kids trampoline in the garden..
You can't see this from the path.. I just stuck my camera up over the wall.. 
hopefully the owners won't mind too much. ;o)

These bulidings below are actually shops on the other side and there's a covered archway through these buildings that leads from the High Street straight into the grounds of the Cathederal.

I must say it must lift your spirits everyday to work in such a beautiful enviroment... it would me anyway.

Inside is even more beautiful.. 
if that's even possible.

There was just so much to take in..

The ceiling in particular was spectacular..
You can see the photo so I don't think I need say anymore.

This is another of my favourite views..

I wasn't sure this photo would come out becauase the light levels were very low.. but happily it did.

Again it doesn't really need require explanation.. just breathtaking. 

Anyway that's enough of me prattling on about our trip..

Just one last photo of inside the church though..

It was  a real tree and must have been 25 feet high..  you can get an idea of the scale from the people standing beneath it..

One of the staff told me they put the decorations on with a hook on a pole.

However they managed it it looked absolutely fantastic.

So onward into 2012..
They're putting my new counter tops in this morning.. so I'll post some photo's once they're done..
Must finish off the Christmas House Tour photo's first though..

Jo xx


  1. So glad you had a nice trip home. Do you know, I'm in Beds, so close to it, yet I've never been to Ely Cathedral?! Your pictures and stories make me want to go now!

    Hope the countertops look nice. Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Lovely piccies of the Cathedral, sweetie. And Duke and Bella are so cute.. :0)

  3. Looking forward to your next thoughts on the work we've had done. :0)


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