Friday, October 15, 2010

Pretty Pictures.. of Home.

We've had a very lucky run of the most gorgeous autumnal weather the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd take advantage and take some pretty shots of the local scenery..

They call British Columbia 'God's Country'.. and whilst I can't promise to have captured that exactly, I think it looks especially gorgeous at this time of the year... even in my photos.

Looking down the estuary from the Comox side.. the seagulls love this sand bank when the tide's in.

View from the top of Mount Washington, our local Ski resort.. It's about 10 miles from us.
You can see the village at the base of the mountain.. and the peak of the Golden Hinde..[about 7,200ft] the highest mountain on the Island off in the distance. Last winter '09/'10 they had a snow base of about 10 metres.. that's 30ft.. !! They had to dig the chair lift out TWICE.
They close just after Easter every year for the marmot breeding season, and then re-open in June/July for the mountain biking and hiking season. This year there was still so much snow left that when they re-opened for the summer they still had 3 ski runs available. First time EVER. This photo was taken at the end of Sept.. and you can still see snow on the ground half way up the mountain.

Just around the corner from us the leaves are starting to turn..

There are a lot of conifers here  
obviously.. it's Pine and Fir central.
But what deciduous trees we do have, turn the
most gorgeous colours.


There are vibrant hits of colour all over the estate where we live at the moment They don't last long but while there here it's magical.

More lovely colour.
This was a pure fluke.. I just happened to be out in the garden.. just look at this sky.. gorgeous.

And finally this last one was taken out at Comox Lake..
Talk about 'Seasons of Mists and mellow fruitfulness'..    
And NO.. it wasn't taken in black & white
 Jo xx


  1. Wow. Beautiful! So funny, two souls with the same thought! I also just posted some pictures from where I live to show everyone how beautiful it is here now. We also have been so lucky to have sunny days. That`s not common over here this time of year

  2. PS. What’s the time over there now? Is it almost midnight?? Still Friday? Here it is 08.42 Saturday morning.

  3. The time when you posted it was 11.44 pm here.. and yes, still Friday.. takes a while to get your head round. It's part of the reason why I'm often one of the first to comment on Benita's blog.. because she posts at 7am your time.. and that 10 pm for me..
    Jo xx

  4. Wowza! What a stunning part of the world.

    That last photo is crying out to be framed!

  5. Hey Mrs P..
    Yes it is a lovely place. Breathtaking really.. but the locals so take it for granted.
    Because we're not from here though, me and Mr D never forget how lucky we are.
    Funnily enough that last photo doesn't look nearly so impressive in real life. I might get the print blown up though. With a big white mat and a simple frame it would be really effective.. you're right.
    Jo xx

  6. Thanks ladies..
    Sadly all that colour is now on the pavement, being blown around by a swirling rainy gale.

    I'm going to have a go at framing it I think..
    Jo xx


Thanks for letting me know I'm not talking to myself..