Monday, September 27, 2010

Laundry Room Cupboard's finished.

Well it's almost finished.. there's still one thing left to do.. but I'm already 3 days overdue with this.. and I wanted to put up the finished photos.

So this is where we were..  Walls painted, cubbies made and secured in place in the centre of the cupboard..

The first thing we did next was to put the shelf back across the top of the cubbies.. and support it with trim on each side..
We have this box in the garage with off cuts of all the various bit of trim and moulding that we've used in the house in the past and we found a perfect bit that Bill cut in half.

Previously the shelf and coat rail were supported by the same wall fixtures.. so those fixtures had to take the weight of all the coats, plus.. whatever we put on the shelves. But we have reconfigured that so the shelf is independant..
Most of the shelf's weight is taken by the cubes... so a smallish [albeit well secured] piece of moulding was plenty for the sides.
You can also see the new supports for the coat rack.. the other end is attatched to the side of the cubbies.
Small piece of skirting board used to support the shelf.

I've added hooks on the walls inside on both sides for hanging stuff that's awkward to store flat.
yes I have a squash racket.. don't laugh.
 The shelf is now about 12 inches higher, but actually has more stuff on it. There are 5 extra storage boxes.. the chocolate brown suede ones are shop bought.. and the harlequin ones on the right are just old boot boxes I covered in heavy duty wrapping paper. I used the same paper to finish off the backs of the cubbies.. just to add a bit of colour and visual interest.
Eventually I will cover the remaining boxes too, probably in fabric offcuts, but let's face it that's hardly a priority.

I needed to trim the front edges of the cubbies to tidy up the finish.. and this is what I used.

When you get in stock blinds over here, although the store cuts them to the right width for you, they are standard lengths, and if you want you can remove the spare strips from the bottom to make them hang better.
They are made of a composite material which frankly you can cut with a pair of scissors, so they were easy to trim to size.. then I just used hot glue to attatch them to the cubes..

And here we are.. the finished article.

The shoes and boots are now tidy and organised, and there are 3 extra pairs in here that we didn't have room for before.
There is more stuff stored away in boxes on the shelf.. which has freed up space in other rooms, and everything is easier to access. 
There is just one last thing to do.. well two..
I have just noticed that I have to line the backs of the bottom 2 cubbies with the same paper.
And second, I found a cardboard box that fits perfectly into one of the empty cubbies..

I have a great fabric offcut which I will use to cover it and I'll attach a kitchen door handle to make it easier to pull out. Which will cost about $4 in total.. The ones they sell for the same purpose in Home Depot are $12, and they're only canvas so this will be sturdier.

Final photographs... before and after... so what do you think ??


  1. What a great use of the space! I think that the cubbies in the middle provide a nice break in the clothes rack, which makes everything look more neatly organized. Covering old boxes with fabric is a great idea - a wonderful way to make something ordinary (shoeboxes) into something unique. As a side note, those slippers are mighty cute!

  2. Yeah, it's a much better use of the space and makes the place look a lot more tidy. And I really like your reuse and repurpose mentality! My kinda gal!

  3. JennD.. Thanks I think your dad bought tham for me..

    Carin.. I'd love to tell you the re-use and recycle mentality was about saving the planet, but I fear its just that I'm cheap.. ;o)

  4. Hi there Jo! Looks so much more organized when you divided the space with the cubbies! ;D

  5. I don't suppose that you want to come and organise my closet, do you? It looks great

    Yep, I've heard that about Australians calling tape Durex. It reminds me of the rubber / eraser confusion...


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