Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family room make over part Deux..

So where was I.. ?
Oh yes, paint on the walls, [Ralph Lauren, Manchester Brown in the alcoves], new carpet on the floor..
So next we wanted to get rid of the patio doors..
I confess.. after the fireplace this was my next pet hate in this room. I guess patio doors have their place, if space is at a premium, but they are so ugly.
Plus I've never understood the point of having one side fixed... it's so limiting.

Anyway, enough of my personal prejudices ...
Patio Doors BEFORE.
We used a local company Modern Doors and Siding [owned by husband and wife team Dave & Ronnerly] and a lovely guy called Mike installed them for us.

So these are the new French Doors... [sorry about the photo quality, there are better ones later].
The nasty vertical blinds and the fabric pelmet went in a skip...
French Doors AFTER
The new brushed nickle rod has crackle glass finials and the curtains, after one false start with a different pair that I've now re cycled, are faux suede in a grey blue colour... with grommets at the top.

I thought this would be a good time to show the 'BEFORE' picture again..
Then the 'AFTER' picture from the same spot.. to show a direct comparison.
It's not quite perfect.. but it's close enough to get the idea.

And here are some more shots from various angles...
Bill just bought me the huge basket for our anniversary.. and the 2 built in bookcases either side of the fireplace are just flatpack's from Home Depot. That having been said they are at least real wood.

This is a much better view of the French Doors.. The brown leather ottoman and two fireside chairs were from Urban Barn. We have a really good one in Nanaimo... The ottoman between the two chairs is one I picked up at a charity shop for $10 and recovered in some beige velvet.

This cream Moroccan style side table/stool was a Winners bargain.. They had them in a couple of places in town for between $129 and $189.. I paid $49 for mine, so I was thrilled...
I've got a blue one in the Living Room too.. they are so useful.

The lovely old 1930's suitcase on top of the bookcase is Bill's memory box.. and the mirror over the fireplace, [one of my 3 favourite things in the room] was another bargain.. just $40, this time from Superstore.

This Moroccan pot, [Number 2 of 3] was a Winners bargain too. I think it was $20, and really isn't ME at all.. but I loved it the moment I saw it.

These two vases are my final favourite things.. and the glass heart was another gift from Bill. :o)

This final shot shows the cubby unit behind the sofa... I got the idea from a magazine, where a girl had had one custom made from solid mahogany for thousands of dollars. I didn't have that kind of money to spend, but all the pieces designed for behind a sofa were too tall.. I only had 28 inches to play with.
Then I had a brainwave..
Which leads me to my new IKEA catalogue which arrived today.. [it's tiny..] but there on page 3...
Recognise these..

This is the 5 shelf version mine is the 4 shelf.. but they from the same series..
and behind my sofa on their sides they are just rested on top of each other... and all for less than $200 inc shipping.


  1. I'm impressed with all your work, Jo. You've done so much to improve your home. Thank you too for the furniture painting tips. I've been planning a bit of a slap it on effort but perhaps I will take more care after your warnings.

  2. Thanks for the compliment.. and for coming.
    I confess I was a bit of a 'slap it on' painter to start with. But you just can't get the finish if you don't do the prep... so it's quicker in the long run.

  3. This is such a sweet transformation! It feels really comfy and homely, perfect for snuggling up in on a winter's day. Can't wait to see what you do to the rest of the house.

  4. Love the color scheme! Looks like a haven from the outside World. I just want to huddle in front of that fireplace!

  5. Thank you Sophie..
    We had a storm that caused a power cut last Boxing Day.. and that's what we did. Huddled in front of the fire playing games on the ottoman by candle and torch light... it was wonderful
    Of course we don't get winters like you guys do.. you probably wouldn't even call it winter. ;o)
    Jo xx


Thanks for letting me know I'm not talking to myself..