Thursday, September 30, 2010

Box for the Laundry cubbies..

Ok.. so remember this..

It's the old cardboard box that I planned to cover and use in the cube storage unit in my newly organised Laundry room cupboard.
Well I couldn't use the scrap of fabric remnent I originally planned because, as it turns out, it wasn't quite big enough..
So I went and bought a metre of acid green ultra-suede from my local fabric store. Cost $12.. [about 6 quid for the Brits] and I only used half for this project. I shall use the rest to cover a couple of the boxes on the shelf in the closet that have nasty things in like Tax
returns and Bill's old divorce paperwork.

I wrapped the fabric right round the box leaving about 2 inches over-hang top and bottom to secure it to the inside and the bottom of the box.. and after folding over the raw edge I glue gunned it down. If you don't have a hot glue gun double sided tape will do at a pinch.

The underside you then treat exactly like a gift and wrap accordingly.. I glued it and used my favourite product White Duct Tape for extra strength and to cover any raw edges.

On the inside I glued and duct taped again..
I know it's not pretty.. but it serves a purpose and to paraphrase a favourite blogger of mine Benita Larsson of  Chez Larsson  "It's going to be used, not scrutinized'..
Besides.. it could be lined with the remaining fabric if that was an issue... but for me it's not.

This cute handle I found yesterday at Red Living for just $2.99. Bill cut the screws down for me because they were too long. Normally of course they'd have to reach through a 1/2 inch or so door or drawer, but here they only needed to reach through the cardboard, so he took off about 1/4 inch.

I know I should have included the washers in the photo above...
Never mind.

I used two washers on the back side of the screw.. again for extra strength. 

I suspected that the trickiest job would be making the holes through the fabric and cardboard to accomodate the screws. I didn't want to mark the fabric in case the hole didn't line up exactly and the mark was left showing.. so I used some of my beloved duct tape, and marked the holes position on that.
The added bonus was that the tool I used to make the hole [an ice pick] didn't slip about like it would have on the fabric. Once the holes were made.. I just removed the tape.. easy.

And here it is.. it turned out really well I think. This photo makes it look like the handle isn't centered but it's just the angle.... and the fold in the fabric will fall out over time.

And here it is in situ...
Now.. I can't decide if I like it best here in the top cubbie.. or in the third one down.. what do you think ?

Jo xx


  1. Super cute! I liked it best on the third one down.

  2. Yes Siri.. my husband does too.
    I've put the baseball mitt and the frog hot water bottle into the green box now.. so I have yet another cube free for shoes..
    Jo xx

  3. So cute. Adore the spoon handle- such a nice touch! Third one down, definitely.

  4. I can't believe that used to just be a cardboard box! Nice work.
    - Alicia

  5. Hey Alicia.. you're back.
    Was it wonderful ??
    I was inspired to use the box because it was just SUCH a perfect size.. and you know that never happens.
    Jo xx

  6. Haha, you sprung me, Jo! I got back last Tuesday but gave myself the rest of the week off before getting back into blogging. Oh yes, I couldn't have asked for a better wedding or honeymoon. We had an amazing time in New Zealand, it's so beautiful.

    Indeed, it's a rare thing when things just work out perfectly. Am enjoying going through your archives.

    - Alicia

  7. Thanks Mrs P ;o)
    Glad to have you back... are we going to see some pictures ??
    Jo xx

  8. You certainly will! As soon as I've finished going through the THOUSAND photos I took, I'll share them.

  9. Oh adorable! I love that you used fabric. And the handles, now that is genius. Thanks for sharing this with me.


  10. I'm a little late to the game on this one, but I think the third cubbie looks great!

  11. Jenn..
    That's what your dad said.. and Carin and Siri too, so that's where it stayed..
    I know when I'm out numbered. ;o)
    Jo xx


Thanks for letting me know I'm not talking to myself..